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Is Your Code of Ethics Up to Scratch?



Our research into professional ethics and competence focuses on the moral and ethical use of an individual's knowledge when they provide public services.
Our resources and publications on professional ethics help you adhere to good practice when you implement our recommendations in your own Code of Ethics.

Want extra support?

Ask us to carry out an ethical code analysis for your professional body as a bespoke service.

Write a Good Code of Ethics


We looked at how the wider aspects of professionalism
seem to be lost when policies aimed at individual
competencies for entry level professionals in vocational
training are applied to practicing professionals.

Ethical competence is a key distinguisher between simply
having skills and having a true sense of professionalism.


We undertook a research project to gain a perspective on the range of
existing ethical codes and to develop principles of good practice for writing codes.

Our research findings are useful if you're planning to revise your code.
If you're a newly professionalising occupations, the findings will show
you what other professions do and help you follow good practice principles.