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About the Research

We wanted to understand how today’s professionals are engaging with social networking technologies - especially in terms of how their interactions translate from the home to work environment.

In our Fast Facts report, we present a selection of our findings from 7,000+ professionals we surveyed about their use and perception of social networking.

How did we carry out the project?

We surveyed 7000+ professionals and 26 professional bodies to gather views on member networks. We asked:

  • How are professionals using social networking technologies?
  • What do professionals expect from their professional body?
  • Which technologies have worked?
  • What have professional bodies learnt?

What did we find?

Members: download the report, 'Fast Facts - Are professionals using social networking?', for free in your Members Area! Just head to the Membership section of your free reports.

To get more in-depth findings from this research, read our publication, Under Control: Social Media at Professional Bodies.