In January 2022 The Professional Associations Research Network (PARN) launched their new all-inclusive membership model enabling members to access more of their exclusive resources at no additional cost, as per previous models.  

PARN is a non-profit membership organisation for professional bodies that has been providing a range of services to the sector since it was established by CEO and founder Andy Friedman in 1998. PARN specialise in the providing unique expertise to the sector while supporting members through bespoke consultation, events, networking, training and more.


Membership and Communications Coordinator Kimberley Moreno says “We’re really excited about the next chapter for PARN. One of the largest changes we’ve made to the model is the incorporation of our Special Interest Groups (SIG) into the standard membership ensuring the invaluable opportunity for collaboration within the sector is accessible to all of our members.”


PARN hosts several SIG groups including Accreditation, CEO Forum, CPD Forum, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Finance and Regulation, events for each SIG are held three times a year and vary between structure sessions with keynote speakers, and open sharing sessions.


To learn more about the new membership model or to join today, head to our membership page