What Our Members Say - Alison Richmond, Icon

Alison Richmond, Icon

I wish I had had the PARN Sector Review when I first started as CEO. You gain instant access to so much information – a snapshot of the sector – enabling me to find out how we fit into the bigger frame.

Through the Review I found out that professional bodies, whatever the industry, share so much in common and yet come in infinite permutations!

The Sector Review is part self-help manual, part CPD tool, part campaigning manifesto, part influencing brief… We can all use it in so many ways. For example, trustees may be experts in their field but may not know much about running a professional body. Sharing relevant parts of the Sector Review with them in your report to the Board is a good way of putting them into the frame.

What always strikes me about the columns is how honest people are as a peer-to-peer publication. We trust this publication, because it is emerging from a bona fide community of interest.

At Icon, we are starting to think about dipping our toe into the water of chartership. Knowing that more professional bodies are doing the same is encouraging.

Everyday, our jobs give us new challenges to face and we never stop learning. Reading the PARN Review inspires me, reminds me that I am part of a bigger picture and that leadership doesn’t have to be lonely. Thank you!

Alison Richmond, Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Conservation