How Can We Help Your HR Structures?


We provide a variety of HR services including recruitment and lay member support, bespoke training and organisational reviews.

Here's what one of our previous clients, the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg), thought of our recruitment support:

“We used PARN to manage our recent recruitment process for two lay members of the IPReg Board. PARN provided professional and cost-effective support to a small team, particularly at the first sift stage, at all times ensuring clear and effective communication with applicants which is critical for the process to work well.”

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Bespoke In-House Training


Courses Tailored to You 

Are you looking for training that's tailored to the needs of your organisation?

In addition to our regular PARN Training Courses, we offer bespoke in-house training for group bookings at discounted rates, enabling your staff to learn in the convenience of your own office. We can use elements of our existing courses, or design a completely new course for your organisation.

Bespoke In-House Training

Streamlining Your Professional Body

Since the last recession, professional bodies have been reviewing their structure on many levels. We have helped a number of professional bodies during this time. 
We can bring our unique knowledge of the professional body sector and our experience of structural and strategic reviewing to help you improve your organisation's processes, internal communication and cost-effectiveness.


Bespoke In-House Training

Finding The Right Person

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of recruitment practices and the professional body market, we can advise and support you in recruiting senior roles

Our experience has meant that we have been contracted to manage the recruitment of a number of CEOs and various other board members.


Bespoke In-House Training

Bringing a New Dimension To Your Organisation

Lay member involvement in governing bodies, disciplinary panels, patient forums, etc. provides a positive and effective mechanism for demonstrating transparency, independence and accountability. 

Our lay member register is composed solely of people with experience at a professional body who are therefore sympathetic to your aims, understand the role of professional bodies and are in tune with how you operate.