The Private Prosecutors' Association (PPA) is a membership organisation for professionals with expertise in bringing private prosecutions and academics with an interest in this field.

Private prosecutions allow individuals, businesses or organisations who have been the victims of crime to pursue justice in the criminal courts by bringing a criminal case themselves, without the involvement of law enforcement agencies.  They can offer an alternative remedy in cases where an investigation or prosecution has not been pursued by the state.  

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of private prosecutions before the UK courts.  High profile cases have included R v Somaia and R v Zinga.  Continued growth in this field is anticipated given the budget and resource constraints faced by the police, prosecution and enforcement agencies.

Key objectives of the PPA:

  • Enable those involved in bringing private prosecutions to identify, endorse and share best practice;
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of expert views and specialist knowledge relating to private prosecutions;
  • Enable those involved in bringing private prosecutions to provide a collective response to government initiatives and consultations affecting private prosecutions;
  • Organise educational seminars, networking and social events for members and non-members throughout the year;
  • Identify lacunae and limitations relevant to private prosecutions in the existing legal framework and advocate for additional rights and powers which would better enable private prosecutors to assist victims of crime;
  • Identify opportunities where private prosecutors can work in association with public law enforcement agencies to provide additional or broader services to complainants;
  • Provide complainants and the public with accurate information about private prosecutions and when they are appropriate.

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