PARN Global News Article - 11 January 2019

Institute of Hospitality publishes Spotlight on Hospitality 2019 industry report

Spotlight on Hospitality 2019 is an annual report published by the Institute of Hospitality containing data and insight into the hospitality industry in the UK and around the world. The 64-page report contains four sections covering foodservice, hotels, tourism and human resources.

Delivery services

In the foodservice chapter, Peter Backman FIH observes that food delivery continued to grow apace throughout 2018 in the UK, driving like-for-like growth. But it reduced overall average profitability. So, what was good for the topline was not good for the bottom line.

The foodservice chapter contains specific forecasts and market commentary for the hospital catering sector, care home catering, school catering, university catering and business & industry.

Budget cuts

Commenting on care catering, Neel Radia FIH says:
“Worryingly (but, sadly, not surprisingly), just 42% of local authorities now offer any kind of Meals on Wheels service.”

“As they say, out of austerity comes opportunity (we’ll have to wait and see if the Government’s claim that austerity is over is true). Nevertheless we have found some fantastic examples of providers bucking the trend and finding innovative, alternative models to keep services running despite the ongoing social care budget cuts.”

Top of the cycle

In the hotels chapter, consultant Melvin Gold FIH underlines that a combination of economic forces, our position at or near the top of the trading cycle, plus significant new supply means that UK general managers will really earn their salaries this year.

The hotels chapter includes an in-depth look at Africa's hotel market, including an exclusive 2019 forecast by consultant Trevor Ward FIH, plus a round-up of hotel performance across the world including special market focuses on Dubai, Qatar, London, Russia and Israel.


The tourism chapter provides statistics regarding the best-performing countries in the world for inbound tourism arrivals and receipts, plus a look at UK inbound and domestic travel patterns, and exclusive reports from Sri Lanka, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In the human resources and salaries chapter, Paula Rogers FIH of Admiral Recruitment says the hospitality industry must fully embrace diversity and inclusion in order to rise to its recruitment challenges. Bill Dawes of Reed Hospitality and Leisure, provides further thought-provoking commentary on the changing nature of the workforce.

Salary guide

The Institute of Hospitality is delighted to partner with Reed Global once again this year and provide the most up-to-date and detailed UK salary survey for the hospitality and leisure sector taken from analysis of seven million jobs.

The guide reveals the salary movement trends for 20 hospitality positions over 12 UK regions. The salary guide is a must-read for employers to benchmark against and for those planning their career progression.

Spotlight on Hospitality 2019 is the latest edition of a series of annual publications that provide the key information to keep up-to-date with a fast-moving industry.

Spotlight on Hospitality 2019 is complimentary to members of the Institute of Hospitality or can be purchased for £49.00 including VAT.