Why you should join our network

From the UK alone, our members represent six million professionals.
Typically we have around 150 professional association and regulatory body members at any one time from the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Our member organisations cover a wide range of professions including:

 Health and social care | Law | Business | Project Management | Environment | Conservation | Engineering | Finance | IT | Education

The main reasons

Firstly, you will benefit from our extensive research which is conducted by experts in the field in order to gain insights into critical sector issues.

Secondly, you will be joining a dynamic community of professional organisations that champion best practices and exchange knowledge.


Special Interest Groups ("SIGs")  

Being a part of PARN means that you get countless opportunities to network with others in the sector, providing a safe place to discuss common concerns and issues that professional bodies face.

These SIG's are designed to encourage dialogue among our members and disseminate knowledge and understanding about best practice which can help to improve the sector as a whole.

Each of our special interest groups meets approximately three times each year, and there's something for everyone in the organisation.

Currently our SIGs include:

Accreditation | CEO Forum | CPD Forum | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion | Finance | Regulation 

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