Invitation for tenders

The ISTC is seeking to appoint new supplier for the Commissioning Editor role on its quarterly journal. The present supplier will be available during the Spring and Summer 2021 issues for a phased handover to suit the new supplier. She is also willing to discuss the requirements with potential applicants.

Communicator has become a well-regarded and award-winning periodical, carrying varied content, and is highly regarded by members of the ISTC. The role of the Commissioning Editor will be to maintain this success and take the journal into areas that are not yet well represented.

The ISTC believes there is scope to enhance the journal through the adoption of multichannel publishing. This will form part of a move towards a stronger online presence for the ISTC.

Commissioning Editor

This is a project-management role that requires a high degree of self-motivation and some diplomacy. The person must make contacts, elicit contributions, manage production, liaise with the advertising agent and printer, and promote the publication. The role requires a strong commitment to the ISTC and its members: the current Editor has served on the ISTC Council throughout her tenure and ideally the Commissioning Editor would do the same.

Payment is £2900 an issue against an annual purchase order requiring three months’ notice of intention to terminate. The role is likely to require at least three weeks of work spread over each quarter and availability during normal working hours.

Requirement for tenders

The ISTC is not prescribing the format or content of tenders because it prefers to see how applicants tackle the task of creating them. However, tenders must describe:

  • The supplier’s experience, demonstrating an ability to take on the role with minimal supervision.
  • The supplier’s vision for the journal’s future, with plans for turning that vision into reality.

For more information on any aspect of the requirement, contact Katherine Judge at

Tenders must reach the ISTC office by 17:00 on Friday 5 March 2021.