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What is a Royal Charter?

Royal Charters are generally reserved for bodies that work in the public interest, such as professional institutions. The Privy Council stipulates that such bodies must be able to demonstrate pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their field.

Is it worth applying for a Royal Charter?

Many of our member bodies have gained Chartered status since joining PARN, and unanimously believe that the sector instantly took them more seriously with Chartership.

As a Chartered professional body, you raise your profile with members and potential members in your particular industry and with other stakeholders. One of our member bodies described this change as “moving up from the Championship to the Premier League.”

Plus, as professional bodies, with Chartered status you can confer that status on to your members. You give your members the opportunity to become Chartered professionals. As well as raising the status of your existing members, Chartered status is an excellent hook for potential members: our member organisations have seen significant member growth since getting their Royal Charter.

How can we help you on the road to Chartership?

We have 20 years’ experience in the professional body sector based on in-depth, unrivalled research. With our consultancy your organisation will:

  • Learn the requirements, both formal and informal, for Chartership
  • Hear practical advice about achieving your Royal Charter
  • Examine case studies of those who have been successful
  • Weigh up the costs of achieving Chartership
  • Offset the costs against the value that Chartership brings
Our consultancy on Chartership provides you with a cost-effective way to plan your next steps. It has been described as “direct, concise and informative. We plan to consult your presentation as we plan the way ahead.”

Find out more
For more information about how PARN can help your organisation achieve Chartership, email Robert Pitts, our Head of Services, or call him on 0117 928 1997.

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