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How Can We Help Your Governance Structures?



We base our guidance and recommendations to you on our extensive research into the governance issues that professional bodies face.

Governance practices at professional bodies have been in a state of transition. We have investigated key issues such as micromanagement, inappropriate skill sets and how to find relevant volunteers.

With our support, strike a balance at your organisation between achieving strategic direction and the democratic participation of your members and stakeholders.

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Governance Structure Review

From multiple governance research projects we have developed theories of good governance. At the same time, we realise that each organisation faces its own specific problems. Therefore, we treat each governance review as a stand-alone research project and conduct tailored face-to-face and telephone interviews.

We normally conduct a survey of Council/Board members and, in some instances, organisation members to understand the concerns particular to your organisation.

We then analyse the current governance of your organisation in the context of your objectives and situation, and propose changes to meet those objectives.

Board Facilitation

 We have considerable experience in facilitating high-level meetings, including governing body meetings, top-level management away days and strategic planning working groups.

We can ensure that your meetings run smoothly, your objectives are met and the outcomes are valuable to your organisation. We bring research-based knowledge and can provide an international context for what other organisations are doing, as well as specific examples of good and interesting practice. 

Board Performance Review

We provide a non-partisan evaluation of the performance of your individual Board members.

We develop a questionnaire where your organisation can choose from a range of assessment questions for self and/or peer evaluation. Question areas might include: reliability and commitment, contribution, etiquette and going above and beyond duty.

We provide a range of individually tailored reports based on the questionnaire responses, and will support any further discussions as necessary. We can also review the Council/Board member evaluation and/or development scheme you have been using. 


Induction & Training

 Our unique range of induction and training sessions help your new Council or Board members to get up to speed quickly - so you feel the benefit of their talents and fresh perspective sooner.

Choose from modules that promote good practice and high standards of governance, with flexible content to suit your needs and budget.

The material covered in the full or half-day session depends on the depth required for each module, the number of participants and number of practical exercises involved.