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Our unique range of induction and training sessions help your new Council or Board members to get up to speed quickly - so you feel the benefit of their talents and fresh perspective sooner.

Choose from modules that promote good practice and high standards of governance, with flexible content to suit your needs and budget.

The material covered in the full or half-day session depends on the depth required for each module, the number of participants and number of practical exercises involved.

Which modules can we cover?

  • What it Means to Be a Governor
  • Principles of Good Governance
  • Governance and Management
  • Model Governance Structures
  • Trustees’ Duties and Responsibilities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Self-evaluation
  • Self-reflection

How do induction and training sessions help?

Our sessions help your professional body by:

  • Ensuring both new and existing members understand their role and responsibilities
  • Helping to maximise your members' contributions and satisfaction
  • Clarifying individual and group objectives
  • Motivating and enhancing performance


Find Out More

For more information about our induction and training services for your Council or trustees, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   robert@parnglobal.com