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From multiple governance research projects we have developed theories of good governance. At the same time, we realise that each organisation faces its own specific problems. Therefore, we treat each governance review as a stand-alone research project and conduct tailored face-to-face and telephone interviews.

How does the governance structure review and restructure work?

We normally conduct a survey of Council/Board members and, in some instances, organisation members to understand the concerns particular to your organisation.

We then analyse the current governance of your organisation in the context of your objectives and situation (i.e. size, composition, roles and responsibilities of the Council/Board, induction methods and eligibility criteria) and propose changes to meet those objectives.

We believe that the best solutions emerge from a combination of existing research and theory, and research into your particular organisation. From these methods of analysis, we provide you with ways to implement the changes we recommend.

How does it help?


We help your professional body to:

  • Achieve effective decision-making
  • Better represent your membership
  • Ensure that decisions are made and implemented at the appropriate level

Find Out More

For more information about how PARN can strategically review your governance, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   robert@parnglobal.com