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We provide a non-partisan evaluation of the performance of your individual Board members.

How does the Board performance review help your organisation?

Our Board performance review helps your professional body by:

  • Promoting reflection on individual performance and identifying areas for improvement
  • Boosting confidence of individual members and the Board as a whole
  • Providing a structured, safe and independently facilitated process
  • Setting up a framework that attracts performance-oriented individuals
  • Reassuring volunteers that their time has been well spent

How does it work?

We develop a questionnaire where your organisation can choose from a range of assessment questions for self and/or peer evaluation. Question areas might include: reliability and commitment, contribution, etiquette and going above and beyond duty.

The questionnaire is completed online by each Board member, who then rates their own performance as well as that of other Board members on a five-point scale.

Questionnaire results are 100% confidential, within the parameters decided by your Board. Only the individual concerned knows how he/she rated him/herself and no one knows their rating from any other member. Instead, all Board members receive the overall average of how they were rated.

We provide a range of individually tailored reports based on the questionnaire responses, and will support any further discussions as necessary. We can also review the Council/Board member evaluation and/or development scheme you have been using.


Find Out More

For more information about how PARN can conduct your next board member review, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   robert@parnglobal.com