Online Support for CPD [digital]

Online Support for CPD (2008)
Christina Williams and Andrew Friedman (April 2008)

‘Online CPD’ is a term that has taken up residency in the professional body sector over the past few years, but what exactly does it refer to?

There is often an assumption that online CPD is merely the online delivery of CPD courses, a type of distance learning opportunity where professionals can log on to a website to access a module, engage with a variety of material and perhaps even take a multiple choice test.

Of course, these kinds of online courses aimed at professionals in order to meet their CPD needs are common and are provided not only by professional bodies but also by commercial CPD suppliers and Higher Education Institutions. However, there is much more to online CPD than delivery of online courses.

This book explores the ways professional bodies are using online systems to support all aspects and stages of their members CPD – from planning to reflecting.

It also investigates why certain professional bodies have chosen the online path, how the development process has been negotiated, how members have responded, and what kinds of problems – and solutions – have been encountered on the way.