CPD: Lifelong Learning of Millions

Andrew Friedman (August 2011)

Published by Routledge – 280 pages / Hardback

Providing the first comprehensive study of the subject of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), this innovative book is required reading for CPD professionals and researchers.

Starting with a discussion on what CPD is, Andy analyzes how professional bodies govern CPD, what support they provide to individual professionals and how they measure or evaluate what individuals do under the provenance of CPD.

This book explains why up to now, CPD has been a relatively neglected subject in spite of it being carried out by millions. It argues whether a variety of perspectives or visions of CPD has held back wider public appreciation of it and if greater co-ordination by professional bodies, or the introduction of new players to the field, will change this in the future. The book identifies a set of current trends and assesses a range of alternative long term future scenarios for CPD.

This book is a fascinating read for any professional, but especially those involved with human resource development and management or leadership development.