Governance of Professional Associations: Structure of Governing Body [digital]

Governance of Professional Associations: Structure of Governing Body (2002)
Andrew Friedman, Mary Phillips and Ming Ming JD Chan (2002)

This is the first in a new series of PARN publications on governance of professional associations.

It presents an analysis of the issues facing governing bodies of professional associations.

It asks and responds to the following: What are the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies? How effective are the governance structures currently in place? What can be learnt from comparison with other non-profit organisations? How might a different model of governance help professional associations in addressing the pressures of the modern world?

It includes examples of interesting practice; radical recommendations for new partnerships and ways of working between management and governance; and an assessment tool that can be used by governing bodies to reflect on their own roles, responsibilities and performance.

The research behind this book was supported by a consortium of five UK professional associations.

What our members say:
"Useful brief guide to professional associations governance structures."
- William Meyer, Education Advisor at the Institute of Revenues Ratings and Valuations

"Relevant to all professional bodies."
- Rob Strange, Chief Executive of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health