Analysing Member Services: A Strategic Perspective

Analysing Member Services: A Strategic Perspective (2003)
Andrew Friedman and Jane Mason (2003)

This book considers the services provided by professional bodies in a broad context. It explores the responses of professional bodies to pressures for service development from market competition and the notion that professionals should somehow insure clients and employers against risks.

Based on a comprehensive survey of 340 websites of UK professional associations and membership organisations, this book provides a wealth of information on their service offerings. It provides a new model to support strategic evaluation, as a basis for considering whether services offered are balanced, sufficient or excessive and in keeping with the mission and image of the association.

Based on interviews with 6 professional bodies, 3 focus groups with members and an online survey of 78 UK associations, the book provides insights into some key issues in developing and marketing services: researching, targeting, communicating, and charging for services. The book also highlights how some associations are responding to the diverse needs and interests of their members.

Analysing Member Services can be usefully employed by professional associations to facilitate self reflection, evaluation and benchmarking.

The research behind the book was supported by a consortium of 6 professional associations. The Professional Associations Research Network (PARN) is a membership organisation dedicated to the support of good practice among professional bodies. PARN is based at the Management Research Centre at the University of Bristol.