Analysing Ethical Codes of UK Professional Bodies [digital]

Analysing Ethical Codes of UK Professional Bodies [Digital]
At the heart of this book is a model, which is intended to clarify the nature and strength of obligations ethical codes of conduct place on professionals, and to compare these aspects of obligations according to the beneficiaries of these obligations. It is used to help evaluate professional codes in terms of the clarity, relative emphasis, and appropriateness of particular statements within codes, and also in terms of the coverage of obligations and stakeholders in particular codes compared with an overall ‘map’ of values and stakeholders.

This book is intended to facilitate benchmarking among professional bodies and to offer food for thought to those who are considering introducing or revising their codes of conduct. To illustrate the model the codes of 12 professions are compared in detail.

This is the second book on professional ethics produced by the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN). PARN is a membership organisation dedicated to the support of good practice among professional bodies. PARN also produces books on governance of professional associations, continuing professional development and member relations.

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