2011 Member Enquiries - Wrap up!

PARN Global News Article - 15 December 2011

2011 Member Enquiries - Wrap up!

2011 Member Enquiries - Wrap up!

As 2011 comes to an end, we are looking back at the Member Enquiries that our members circulated via the PARN network. Topics varied from membership, CPD and discipline to governance and external relations.

35 member enquiries were posted during the year, and 70% of our member organisations responded to them.

Here's a few examples of Member Enquiry topics from 2011...

  • Membership applications - processes and procedures involved
  • Fellowship and Chartered status
  • Pay structure for members of governing body
  • Dealing with vexatious complaints

Don't forget, you can you can access summaries of over 250 past enquiries organised by category via the Members' Area of our website!


If you're updating your policies in 2012, or are on the verge of instituting a new procedure, why not find out how your peers have tackled similar issues?

We have 10 slots open from Februay to June 2012 - so get in touch if there's an enquiry you would like to put forward early next year! Don't forget - we're happy to help formulate your questions if you get stuck!


Our Research Team is also able to offer new additional services, should you wish to get more out of the respondents to your free enquiry including:

  • Follow-on Questionaires
    Asking enquiry respondents some additional qualifying questions after you've read the summary of your Member Enquiry.
  • In-depth Interviews
    Conducting follow up telephone interviews/case studies with select number of respondants to elicit more in-depth detail about the answers they provided.

Contact Natasha at [email protected] for more information or a quote!

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